Amazing and fabulous Normandy

"Have you ever considered going to Normandy? Normandy is an interesting and exciting place in France. There are lots of good reasons for going to Normandy.

Walking through the countryside is a nice and relaxing time. Fields stretch ahead across all the quiet valleys, where rivers flow gently. Rivers join together to make vast lakes where ducks quack noisily. Even though the farmyards are busy and noisy, they're still amazing places. Big farm machinery and rumbling tractors zoom around the farmyard to get to different fields.

In the countryside there are a lot of things to do. Why not bring your bicycle and cycle on the cycle paths? You could also go on a walk on the many never-ending tracks and pathways leading to different places. If you have children, they will enjoy the many, many playgrounds everywhere. Can you imagine doing these activities every single day?

If history is your favourite subject, Normandy has a lot to offer. Perhaps you like castles: Normandy has a lot for you to visit. For example, Falaise castle is where William the Conqueror was born. Mont St Michel is a famous island for it has been around for many centuries. There are about 393 steps from the bottom to the top.

Beaches line the coast and are famous for the Normandy landings in World War II. Your children will enjoy playing in the sand and building sandcastles while you will enjoy reading information about the history of the beaches. Museums will help your children understand about D-Day and you can go into German bunkers on guided tours.

There are millions of shops in Normandy, too many to count. There are mini-supermarkets with lots of food, bakeries where you get the famous croissant, garages for your cars to get fuel, hairdressers for getting your hair cut if it's too long, tourist information offices for if you're a tourist and many, many more. If you want to spend your euros, you can do it very easily!

Surely now you want to buy some tickets to see the amazing and fabulous Normandy because of all of these marvellous suggestions and facts. What are you waiting for?"

Joshua Davis, age 9

Welcome to Swiss Normandy

Sitting astride the departments of Calvados and Orne, the Suisse Normande owes its name to visitors in search of the picturesque during the 19th Century.

They were attracted to this area of romantic winding gorges sculpted by the River Orne and its tributaries, the steep valleys and rocky escarpments, woodland and apple orchards and deep lanes bordered by hedges or stone walls.
It is also thanks to this landscape that many open-air tourist activities have been developed :
  • walking
  • climbing
  • water sports
  • riding
  • hang-gliding

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